Our forest as natural fitness studio

It clears the head, invigorates and refreshes.

Its restorative powers are consciously exploited on an area of 187 hectares (462 acres). Since November 2016 is Heringsdorf’s coastal forest as Europe’s 1st cure and healing forest has become a huge outdoor health studio.

Restorative forest and coastal climate

The soothing yet stimulating climate, resulting from the unique combination of sea and forest air, makes our coastal forest into a unique natural remedy embedded in the local landscape. It helps with diseases of the respiratory tract, the skin and the musculoskeletal system, with psychosomatic diseases such as burnout, in insomnia or depression, with exhaustive states and helps strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Well-being for all

The healing effects of this woodland health studio are supported by integrated health forests resting places and trails. A signposted network of trails with various degrees of difficult help motivate visitors to movement. At various points in the forest, visitors are invited to participate in various physical and meditative exercises that promote holistic well-being.
The health and healing forest can be used both by patients from rehab clinics and by members of the general public to promote their own health and 
personal well-being.

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