Therapy Concept

Heringsdorf’s coastal forest is a very special natural pharmacy.
Its healing powers are especially useful in the following medical indications:


Respiratory tract disorders


Cardiovascular disease


Orthopaedic disorders


Psychosomatic illnesses

Health maintenance, prevention and rehabilitation

The designated health and healing forest can be used both by patients from rehab clinics and by members of the general public to promote their own health and personal well-being.

Meditative movement therapy in the play of light and shadow

The beech (Fagus sylvatica) is the most common tree species in German forests. It provides shadow, moistens the air and generally improves the climate. Beech leaves contain many tannins, natural oils and iron and have germicidal and cooling properties. The leaves, like the sunflower, turn towards the sun. The beech stands for health and strength, since it produces a lot of oxygen and keeps the forest air relatively free of dust.

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