3 different levels of difficulty for the cure and healing trails as well as for the exercise apparatus.

In the development of the concept “Health potential of the Heringsdorf Health and Healing Forest” the recommendations of the association “Ohne Barrieren e.V.” were taken into account and implemented.  Accordingly, some areas of the cure and healing forest have been laid out especially for visitors with mobility restrictions (for example, walking distance, width of the path) and for patients with visual impairments (for example, continuous red, blue-yellow colour scheme, textures of the coloured forest triangular, round, square posts).

Cure forest trail

Trail length

Short trail 1110m

Medium trail 1800m

Healing forest trail

Information point

Long trail 2460m


Trail gradient 0 – 2.9%
Not strenuous

Trail gradient 3 – 5.9%
Moderately strenuous

Trail gradient 6 – 10%

Trail gradient >10%
Very strenuous

Note: Persons with limited mobility are recommended to attempt the demanding trails with the support of an accompanying person. Note the code of conduct for forests of the state forest law of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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